Big thanks to the following people who got in touch over the weekend to tell us what they were listening to and where - and what they liked! The comms were global.
Remember you can text us too now and it goes right to the DJ - 07550 411 284.
Props go to (deep breath…)
…Jim, Daisy, Dawn, the Creo family, Matt, Ben the record stall man, Josef Square, Jim (a different Jim), Debbie, Eccobread, the Cellar Dweller, Alan, Daz, Tracy, Danny, Rich, Roger, The Kent Crew, Josh, Liam, Matt, Irissa, ‘Stoke On Trent’, Pete and Ami, ‘Dave in Liverpool’, ‘Deano in Cov’, Lynsey, T-man, Andrea and Daisy, Claire, Warren, Yuko, The Diehard Posse Jacques, Jon Paul, Ant, Spike, Huggy Bear, Tony, Jules, Lynn, Ange, Fragment King, Leon, Ian, James, Katie, Ing, Holozen, Larry B, Hobby Holmes, Chris, Russ, Dave, DJ Bleak, Liggins, Shirley & Andrew L, Jennifer, Ian, Mark, Ed, Kyle, Cazza, Marek, Paul, Noel, Jehshua, Shelley, Mark T, Drew, Vanessa, Tia, Julian, Jude, Derek, Laura, Martin, Betta, Kurstie, Felicity, Imila, Jonathan, Max and many more whose texts have been deleted as the phone has a text memory limit!